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What is “Skate Profiling”? Simply put, it's the balance point on your blades. Every player requires a custom profile just for them! We all have different skate sizes likewise, different players need different profiles. Factory tolerances are very weak even with the biggest name brands. Even though the blades may be sharp, almost every pair of skate blades have different balance points. Many times the balance point is positioned towards the back of the skate making players struggle with correct skating posture. Some may have one balance point in the front while the other is in the back making the players off balance. Even on new skates this is a major problem.


To illustrate. If you bought the most expensive tires for your car but never had them balanced you would leave the tire shop wobbling all over the road. The same holds true for skate blades. They are actually the most important piece of equipment because they are the only piece that is in contact with the ice 100% of the time! And it is critical that they are balanced!


The CagOne profiler that Canadian Edge offers will put the balance point within 1mm tolerance on each skate, making the blades perfectly balanced. Though this is more expensive than a skate sharpening, it only needs to be done twice a season.


Player Testimonials


"Ryan's knowledge of skate blades and his ability to make them perfect have been not only informative, but game changing. Five Star rating from us!"

- Sean, Stormy and James “Chimp” Stuart


"Ryan pays attention to details! He noticed immediately that there was a problem with my kids skates. He took the time to explain the balance issue and its cause of poor skate sharpening over time. So, Ryan helped us fix it with a skate profiling and sharpening. My son noticed the difference and now won't let anyone else touch his skates!"

- Nathan, Cherie & Donovan Miller


"Ryan does AMAZING work with his Cag One, profiling and sharpening my son's skate blades. There is really no comparison to having skates sharpened professionally. It allows my son to get the most performance from his skates. He absolutely LOVES THEM!!"

- Mark Kott


"Had my skates profiled and sharpened by Ryan and what a HUGE difference it made on the ice! Canadian Edge is the only edge I’ll use on the ice!!"

- Dakota Voltolina

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