The Snipe Show Operation: 66-99

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*** SNIPE SHOW OPERATION: 66-99 - MARCH 14-16, 2022


Join Head Coach Ryan Johnston who will teach players THE SECRETS THAT MADE TWO MEN LEGENDS!!! A PREMIUM ELITE HOCKEY CAMP!
March 14-16, 2022 we will be hosting The “SNIPE SHOW” OPERATION: 66-99. We have a very limited number of spots!
We will dive into the mind, the technique and the drive that made 66 and 99 the greatest players all time. 18 hrs of ELITE training in this 72 hr period. By the end of the camp players will be able to add their moves, tips & tricks to their arsenal. This will give them a distinct advantage over the competition!

Number 66:

  • Learn the silky mitts that earned #66 the name "Magic Mario"
  • the "Magic Moves" that paved the way for modern day danglers
  • The playmaking ability that made Lemieux the best passer ever!
  • The "Lemieux Move"
  • The deception that tormented players/goalies making Mario unpredictable!

Number 99:

  • Dive into the "Great One's" mind and learn what made Gretzky's Hockey I.Q. the best ever!
  • How to score by using "Gretzky's Office"
  • The Great One's Offensive Zone tactics
  • The "Gretzky Move"
  • LegendaryFace-Off Tricks
  • The accuracy that made the "Great One" the greatest goal scorer of all-time!

Our players will receive all the knowledge, training and drills required to learn, memorize, repeat and perform the moves in games!

We will be using the CCS (Code Cracking System) to activate the cognitive abilities of our players and have the patterns firmly implanted in their minds. That way they can repeat it and take it to the “POND”!

REGISTER NOW and Lock in the most fun and challenging training you have ever participated in!

“Become a Weapon”!
James Pond 007
a.k.a. Coach Ryan
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