Sadly, they are usually the most overlooked...


What is custom skate sharpening and how is it different from my local arena pro shops?

the answer is the service and the machines!


Canadian Edge exclusively uses (direct from Canada), CagOne skate sharpening and profiling machines. The same machines that are in every NHL locker room today. If the world's best trust CagOne above all other hand sharpening and home skate sharpeners, your better believe they are the best!


These Machines are completely automated. Two robotic arms guide the skate over the grinding stone while a self-leveling clamp makes sure that the skate is sharpened perfectly level every single time guaranteeing perfect edges! This machine completely eliminates human error!

Every player that we sharpen skates for goes through an analysis of:

  • Weight

  • Skating Style

  • Ice Conditions the player usually skate on


By taking into account these 3 main factors, we are able to provide a custom ROH (Radius of Hollow) for each individual player to achieve maximum speed and control on the ice.

Want to get the “EDGE” on the competition? Then contact us today to schedule your FREE Custom Skate Blade Analysis!


Player Testimonials


"Ryan's knowledge of skate blades and his ability to make them perfect have been not only informative, but game changing. Five Star rating from us!"

- Sean, Stormy and James “Chimp” Stuart


"Ryan pays attention to details! He noticed immediately that there was a problem with my kids skates. He took the time to explain the balance issue and its cause of poor skate sharpening over time. So, Ryan helped us fix it with a skate profiling and sharpening. My son noticed the difference and now won't let anyone else touch his skates!"

- Nathan, Cherie & Donovan Miller


"Ryan does AMAZING work with his Cag One, profiling and sharpening my son's skate blades. There is really no comparison to having skates sharpened professionally. It allows my son to get the most performance from his skates. He absolutely LOVES THEM!!"

- Mark Kott


"Had my skates profiled and sharpened by Ryan and what a HUGE difference it made on the ice! Canadian Edge is the only edge I’ll use on the ice!!"

- Dakota Voltolina