What is Atomic Hockey?

Atomic Hockey is a revolutionary off-ice hockey specific training program.

It combines European dryland stickhandling training with plyometric techniques. These exercises target specific muscle groups and fast twitch muscles used for quicker response time for powerful skating.

What are the benefits of Atomic Hockey?

Atomic Hockey helps you increase your stickhandling abilities while developing lean muscle mass, body definition, athleticism, balance, agility, coordination and introduces

players to their maximum plyometric abilities while reducing inhibitions and increasing

players athletic capabilities.


Only through training with the ATOMIC HOCKEY system will players reach their highest level of stickhandling capabilities while attaining peak physical fitness and training the muscle to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time. Regular ATOMIC HOCKEY training will make players more confident with the puck and reduces the chance of injury throughout a long grueling season. Plyometric training has been defined as exercises characterized by powerful muscular contractions in response to rapid, dynamic stretching of the involved muscles. The muscle flexes and extends and through this type of exercise the muscle reflex process is improved. Plyometric training involves quick, powerful movements using a pre-stretch, or counter-movement that involves; Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC- employs the energy storage capabilities and stimulation of the stretch reflex to facilitate a maximal increase in muscle recruitment over a minimal amount of time). Just like SKATING!


ATOMIC HOCKEY training trains amongst other things the most essential component of an athlete's body the "CORE". The CORE needs to be engaged in order to produce controlled explosive strides, powerful shots, efficiency, and prevent early fatigue. Sometimes players refer to their "weaker arm or leg", or to the "weaker" part of the body. ATOMIC HOCKEY improves this aspect of the human body so that opposing and opposite muscles can perform very close to or at equal strength.


Get the edge on the competition!

With the growing increase of hockey across Canada and the United States, ice time in local arenas is becoming harder and harder to come by. Players who train with the ATOMIC HOCKEY system find that they are more coordinated and energized come each on ice session. Thus, helping players get the most out of each practice or game and making players ice time more productive. ATOMIC HOCKEY training will help players to achieve “quick” hands, puck and player awareness, peak fitness, lose weight, increase body tone and definition, and improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. ATOMIC HOCKEY training will also boost player’s confidence making them smarter hockey players.


ATOMIC HOCKEY will give you the "edge" on the competition and help you to get to and compete at the “next level!"